November 14, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

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Dancing with the Stars is my guilty pleasure.  It’s like smoking: you know it’s bad for you…but you do it anyway.  If you’ve ever danced or watched a legitimate competition, you know as well as I do that Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is a farce.  An entertaining farce, but a farce nonetheless.


I try my best to look at the positives (I’m an optimist through and through).  DWTS has elevated ballroom dancing to aphenomenal level.  Before DWTS, ballroom was a relatively mundane subject.  Sure, Antonio Banderas and Richard Gere tried their best to lure audiences back to the dance floor, but those movies were fleeting and (let’s be honest) a bit contrived.  DWTS combines audience favorites all in one show: glamour, glitz, celebrities, sex, danger (trust me those heels are weapons) and drama.  

Here’s my problem.  It’s not real.  Half those moves are illegal, and even if these dancers were in Open, they botch the legal moves as well.  Let’s take my favorite dance, the Paso Doble, after watching Joey Fatone turned it into spousal abuse, I lost all respect for the show. 

It’s as though they try to hard.  Ok, ok, I know it’s all for ratings…but for those of us who have loved and sweat ballroom day after day, it’s border-line degrading to our sport. The judges never seem to catch the huge errors: you can’t break hold in International Standard, the timing is off in the rumba, the samba’s essential pelvic motion might as well be non-existent.  It’s the little things that frustrate me about the show. 

In any event, ballroom studios around the world have DWTS to thank for flooding their floors with new students.  I’d like to hear your thoughts… Does the good outweigh the bad?  Does DWTS serve its purpose?

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  1. Suzanne said,

    Hey Vanessa,

    I recently joined a studio after becoming hooked on DWTS. I have danced with various studios when I was younger, then stopped in high school, and years later, have started again. I am currently learning International Standard and as you said, it’s way different than how it’s portrayed in the show. This “reality” show relies a lot on entertainment rather than true dancing skill – the celebrities are way more admired and recognized than the professional dancers who teach them the moves in the first place! The judges always use the excuse, “Well, we only have those few minutes while they’re dancing to judge them so it’s hard to catch everything,” but what they say on tv about the dances ends up influencing the viewers, who end up making the majority of the voting decision on who stays and who leaves.

    Thanks for writing about DWTS – I’m glad I found your blog! See you around…

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