November 12, 2007

Welcome Ballroom Enthusiasts!

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For everyone who loves anything that glitters, shimmies and shines: this blog is for you.  Like every new friendship, let’s start with introductions.  My name is Vanessa, and I’ve started this blog as a tribute to my ballroom dancing days.  Despite hundreds of lessons, dozens of competitions, routines, fittings and Swarovski crystals, I’ve finally turned in my 3” heels for two books on the LSATs.   


Now I find myself with 24 extra hours to study, and blog.  My goal: to be a resource (and an entertaining one, nonetheless).  Chances are if there’s anything you’re the least bit curious about in the ballroom world, so am I.  It is my hope to explore, uncover and educate ballroom enthusiasts across the blogosphere.   Questions and topics are always welcome. 

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  1. Rachel Buonomo said,

    Hello Vanessa,
    Recently i’ve been working on my salsa and i just can’t see mto get the timing right. Are there any little tips that i can use to improve my dance?

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